updated 2019-11-22
This is a list of all Yang's current policies. It may help some people.

There are currently 135 unique policies!

  1. 12-Year Congressional Term Limits Yang2020
  2. Algorithmic Trading/Fraud
  3. American Exchange Program
  4. American Journalism Fellows
  5. American Mall Act
  6. Fund Autism Intervention
  7. Automatic and Same-Day Voter Registration
  8. Automatically Sunset Old Laws
  9. Capital Gain/Carried Interest Tax
  10. Carbon Fee and Dividend
  11. Decrease Pre-Trial Cash Bail
  12. Combat Climate Change- Achieve Net-Zero Emissions by 2049
  13. Make Community College Affordable for All
  14. Controlled Substance Waivers for Veterans
  15. Control the Cost of Higher Education
  16. Data as a Property Right
  17. Make Washington, DC, a State
  18. Decriminalize Opioids
  19. Democracy Dollars
  20. Crypto/Digital Asset Regulation and Consumer Protection
  21. Limit Bureaucracy in the Federal Workforce
  22. Early Childhood Education for All
  23. Economic Crime
  24. Make Election Day a Holiday
  25. Empowering MMA Fighters
  26. End Active Shooter Drills
  27. End Partisan Gerrymandering
  28. End Bidding Wars for Corporate Relocation
  29. End the Filibuster
  30. Ending Veteran Suicide
  31. Entice High-Skill Individuals
  32. Every Cop Gets a Camera
  33. Every Vet Under a Roof Initiative
  34. Expand Selective Schools
  35. Expand Access to Medical Experts
  36. Extend Daylight Saving Time All Year
  37. Fight for Equal Pay
  38. Fight the Spread of Hateful Ideas
  39. Fighting the Rise of White Nationalism and Extremism
  40. Free Financial Counseling for All
  41. Financial Transaction Tax
  42. Financing a Sustainable Economy
  43. Flood Prevention
  44. Foreign Policy First Principles
  45. Fossil Fuels: Their Days Are Over
  46. Free Marriage Counseling for All
  47. Geoengineering
  48. Make it Easy for Americans to Move for Work
  49. GI Bill Improvements
  50. Grid Modernization Race to the Top
  51. Gun Safety
  52. Head of Culture and Ceremony
  53. Hold Future Administrations Accountable
  54. Hold Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable
  55. Human-Centered Capitalism
  56. Improving Our Political Rhetoric
  57. Improving Veteran Health
  58. Invest in Research and Adaptation
  59. Legalize Marijuana
  60. LGBTQ Rights
  61. Life-Skills Education in All High Schools
  62. Local Journalism Fund
  63. Making Taxes Fun
  64. Implement Mandatory Paid Leave Policy
  65. Improve the American Scorecard
  66. Media Fragmentation
  67. Fund Medical Technology Innovation
  68. Medicare for All
  69. Invest in America's Mental Health
  70. Military Training: The Gold Standard
  71. Modern Time Banking
  72. Modernize Voting
  73. Move to Higher Ground
  74. NCAA Should Pay Athletes
  75. Net Neutrality
  76. The Penny Makes No Cents
  77. Nuclear Energy Stopgap
  78. Nuclear Launch Decisions
  79. Opioid Crisis
  80. Attack Dark Money in Politics
  81. Paid Family Leave
  82. Pathway to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants
  83. Timing of Payments for Small Businesses
  84. Positive Use of Military Expertise
  85. Provide Basic Banking Services through the Post Office
  86. Powering a Sustainable World
  87. Control the Cost of Prescription Drugs
  88. Prevent Airlines from Removing Customers
  89. Prevent Corruption in the Federal Government
  90. Promote Vocational Education
  91. Improving the Electoral College
  92. Prosperity Grants
  93. Public Council of Advisors
  94. Preservation of Public Lands and Water
  95. Make Puerto Rico a State
  96. Quantum Computing and Encryption Standards
  97. Ranked Choice Voting
  98. Rebuild American Infrastructure
  99. Modernize Military Spending
  100. Reduce Mass Incarceration
  101. Reduce Packaging Waste
  102. Reduce Wildfires
  103. Reform the FEC
  104. Department of Technology
  105. Relocate Federal Agencies
  106. Renewable Energy
  107. Restoration of Voting Rights for Felons
  108. Reverse Boot Camp
  109. Revive the Office of Technology Assessment
  110. Right to Privacy/Abortion and Contraception
  111. Robo-Calling Text Line
  112. 18 Year Term Limit for Supreme Court Justices
  113. Increase Assistance for Single Parents
  114. Southern Border Security
  115. Stop the D.C. Revolving Door
  116. Reduce Student Loan Burden
  117. Support for the Arts
  118. Support the Revival of Earmarks
  119. Support the DREAM Act
  120. Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities
  121. Sustainable Agriculture
  122. Sustainable Development
  123. Sustainable Practices - Buildings, Materials, Storage
  124. Sustainable Transportation
  125. Increase Teacher Salaries
  126. Make it Easier to Save for Retirement
  127. The Freedom Dividend
  128. Tort Reform/Reasonableness Dismissals
  129. Ease the Transition to Self-Driving Vehicles
  130. Using Trade Deals to Fight Climate Change
  131. Value-Added Tax
  132. Veteran Employment and Businesses
  133. Lower the Voting Age to 16
  134. Closely Monitor Mental Health of White House Staff
  135. Zoning

source: yang2020.com/policies