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 Chat Matrix is an open-source decentralized chat program similar to Discord or Slack. Anyone can make an account on any server on the network and create chatrooms that any other user can join. Strong privacy features prevent censorship and modular design allows developers to add whatever plugins they want (like bots and relays). Multiple open-source clients are available for all platforms.
Main chatroom:
 Twitter Pleroma is an open-source decentralized social network similar to Twitter or Tumblr with over 3,000,000 registered users. Anyone can create an account on any server and communicate with any other servers/users on the network. has an increased character limit from Twitter (280 —> 1000) and allows developers to easily deploy whatever bots they can imagine. Multiple open-source clients are available for all platforms.
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 Gallery Booru is a kind of community image gallery first populized in Japan. Images can be anonymously uploaded and commented upon, like 4chan. Images can also be assigned multiple tags, and tags can be creatively mixed to quickly and easily access specific images.
 Wiki The Yang Gang wiki will be used to collaborate on documents pertaining to the Yang Gang. Wikis allow anyone to easily draft documents, edit pages, and inter-link related content.
 Git (work in progress) Git is an open-source platform similar to Dropbox where a group of people can share folders containing data, documents, or software and apply changes or make comments.
 Calendar (work in progress) Registration-free simple calendar that is easily integrated into other platforms. Alternative to Google Calendar and Facebook events.